The House

Author’s Statement: In this IF assignment, I created a game where you had to determine your character’s fate. My goals for this IF were to create a diverse and unique game that would also test the players to see what kind of person they were. The game is designed with a diverse set of options that will help achieve this goal of mine. Your character comes across an interdimensional house, and from there, the game begins. There are different floors. Each floor has its own theme that I created along with doors to expand the story of those themes. The player must then choose which way to take their character as they will be tested to see what kind of person that player is. The mood of the piece is determined based off what the player chooses to do in it. The meaning of the piece is to test to see what kind of person the player is. Whether they are heroic, selfish, cruel..etc. I did have some positive feedback from my playtesters. They really liked the different paths and outcomes I made for their character. However, they did mention that some of my paths were too similar, which was a huge problem for me, considering that this piece is meant to have different outcomes. To deal with these problems, I simply revised the similar paths of the player to where they are given a scenario that ends up having a more diverse path than before.

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