Video Essay

Author Statement: My responsibilities in this video essay were to conduct video clips of interviews of random Austin College students to help answer our topic on which animal they’d prefer, dogs or cats. I also helped implement sources of funny images and clips of each animal that we used throughout the assignment. The image and audio tracks we used helped enlighten the tone of the video essay. It keeps the essay light and comedic in a way that helps the audience enjoy what they are watching. I also did the narration for the introduction and conclusion of the entire essay. The process we used was quite simple. We first got our interviews done because that was the longest and most difficult part of the entire assignment. We then splitup what we should do. I did narration for the intro and conclusion, helped with editing audio tracks, and found pics and clips that should be used in the video essay. Jack did a lot of the editing in cutting out unnecessary sound and actions, along with collaborating with me regarding the pics, vids, and sound audio. Overall it was very fun and successful to do. We both contributed and worked together a lot and I enjoyed doing it.


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